The Green Chemistry Concept

Green Chemistry is the chemistry of a new age:
A concept that relies on Renewable Resources as key raw materials, preserves the more and more scarce valuable fossil raw materials and, based on the Responsible Care Global Charter® of the Chemical Industry and Paul Anastas’ 24 Principles of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering, guarantees a safe, environmentally, economically and socially responsible manufacturing and processing of heat and electricity, transportation fuels, products, and food.

Ref.: R. Höfer, Green Chemistry, Keynote Adresse, 10ième Anniversaire de la Coopération Scientifique Universitaire et Technique Franco-Thai & 20ième Anniversaire de la Création de DORAS (Development Oriented Research on Agricultural Systems), 2nd Annual Workshop of HRPP (Hevea Research Platform in Partnership) RUBBER FOR THE FUTURE, Kasetsart University, Bangkok (2009)